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|The Power of Play|

I am so proud of the growth I’ve observed during the past 12 weeks. Through play, members develop skills in negotiation, flexibility, frustration tolerance, self regulation, problem solving, joint play, communicating, and being part of a group.

What does this look like? The child who:

-screamed when another child asked to see a toy now offers to share it

-avoided pretend play now chooses ‘vet’ as his play choice

– hid and screamed when it was time to go home now uses words to communicate his disappointment about leaving

-politely refused to build Lego with a partner now negotiates Lego roles and offers to build second

-removed himself from the group because it wasn’t his play choice now participates in all play activities

-rarely spoke now shares ideas and makes requests while playing trains

|See you Soon!|

While term one is nearly over it’s not necessarily goodbye! I’m looking forward to welcoming familiar and new faces in January!


Brick Club starts next week, which means I’ve been busy buying new Lego! Each member has unique interests and Lego preferences, which means our Lego selection is growing almost daily!

| The Group Plan |

Every Brick Club member will take turns being the ‘engineer,’ ‘supplier’ and ‘builder.’ Through these roles, members are encouraged to collaboratively build and engage in joint construction. This will also help members practice turn taking, flexible thinking, and following the group plan.

| LEGO Tower |

I’m building a Lego tower! These are possible prizes members can choose during our session 12 celebration! Club members will set goals, monitor their own progress, and choose a favourite set to take home. If you were wondering, you cannot remove a box without causing a tumble. I tried…several times!

| Enthusiasms |

Neurodiverse kids often have intense interests that they are very knowledgeable and passionate about. One enthusiasm my son has is skyscrapers. He has taught me to notice and appreciate the structures in our city. Yesterday he took some photographs while we did some errands. We are both huge fans of the Lego Architecture sets, so I had to purchase some for Brick Club! What enthusiasms do your kids have?

| Dr. Daniel LeGoff |

Brick Club reflects the framework developed by Dr. Daniel LeGoff. As an educator and mom of two young kids with autism, I was really excited to learn it is research based (it works!), play based (it uses LEGO!), and a naturalistic intervention (typical activity, gives support, natural reinforcement).

| We want to say hi! | LEGO GIVEAWAY |

| Décor |

How cute are these two? I’m excited about these LEGO themed decorations. My goal is to create a welcoming and fun space for Brick Club members.

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