How are the groups organized? Members are matched with peers in their age group who have similar interests.

How many members are in each session? Many individuals thrive in a small group setting. Club sizes typically range from two to four members.

Why are play-based activities used for supporting social development? Play is intrinsically motivating and fosters participation, connection, and communication, which helps us encourage and enhance specific skills. We have A LOT of high-quality play-based materials. Some of the most popular activities include Nano Hexbugs, Gravitrax or other marble runs, Schleich figurines and playsets, train sets, Lego, cooperative board games, anything by Melissa and Doug, and the food cart. There truly is something for everyone!

Are prizes contingent on behavior? Not at all! Whether young or old, we all enjoy prizes, or as we call it at Brick Club, a ‘surprise’! Members receive intermittent surprises and a larger surprise during the session 12 celebration. There is no contingency between behavior and potential prizes. Instead, we acknowledge and celebrate how awesome our group is!

Are you familiar with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? Yes. ABA can help us understand behavioral responses and for some individuals can facilitate behavioral change through a respectful, individualized approach. As a clinician I have many tools in my toolbox, including but not limited to Lego based therapy, Dr. Ross Greene’s CPS model, Zones of Regulation, Sarah Ward’s Executive Functioning, Social Thinking terminology, PEERS and other research/evidence-based strategies. At KIDS CONNECT the emphasis is on delivering a person centered and neurodiverse affirming support that honours and respects each participant’s individuality, autonomy, and interests.

Do you provide any other services? I can assist with writing JFEs, help families access grants through Variety and CKNW, advocacy, and Positive Behavior Support Planning (identifying lagging skills and changing the environment to support the individual).

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