As a resource teacher and mom of two autistic children, I get it. You are your child’s greatest supporter and advocate. Together, we can help your child lean in on their strengths, overcome their challenges, and live authentically.


Certified Teacher. Autism Mom. MEd. Consultant.

My professional, personal, and academic experiences are interconnected. Professionally, my passion is supporting children with diverse needs, celebrating their strengths, and building a supportive partnership with their families. I am fulfilling the supervision criteria to become a Behavior Consultant on the Registry for Autism Servicer Providers (RASP). Personally, I am mom to an 8-year-old who loves freight trains and a 5-year-old who loves koalas. Both children are on the autism spectrum. Academically, I am a life long learner and have three degrees, including a Master of Education in Special Education. Collectively, these truths have led me to forge a new path – KIDS CONNECT.


Master of Education in Special Education – Autism & Developmental Disabilities | University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Education | York University

Honors Bachelor of Art | York University


BC Certified Learning Support Teacher

Certified PEERS Facilitator

Certified Reading Recovery Teacher

Special Education, Specialist


Collaborative Proactive Solutions

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

PECS Level 1 & 2 Certified